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Surveys & Inspections

We specialise in developing customised solutions for drone surveys, inspections and mapping. Working with you to develop a strategy that considers your individual needs to get the most out of our services. With our industry leading technology and team of experienced professionals, we are able to provide ground-breaking data and footage for all industries including - construction, real-estate, energy, agriculture and more.

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    Our Promise To You

    Free consultations - Our team are dedicated to developing customised drone survey solutions to meet your specific needs

    Fast Turnaround - We prioritise speed when delivering your data you need

    Affordable rates - Enjoy competitive pricing and transparent estimates for our services.

    Take Your Project To New Heights - Our latest drone technology is designed so you can make actionable and data driven decisions

    Some of our Recent clients

    Aerial Drone Roof Inspections

    By leveraging our drone technology we are able to develop a comprehensive analysis of your project. Identifying potential problems with the condition and structure of your roof, whilst optimising your time and resource management. Our innovative service allows us to access difficult areas without the expense of risk-prone manual evaluations.

    Generating a detailed range of data combined with high-resolution images to provide insights that support optimal decision-making. Ensure the font is the same throughout the page and the text size is big and centred

    Aerial drone roof inspection - right hand image drone army

    Why choose the drone army?


    Fully Qualified

    We are fully qualified to deliver exceptional drone services. Our pilots are highly trained drone enthusiasts with all the latest drone qualifications, which allow them to fly in multiple categories. Licensed by the CAA (Civil aviation authority) and covered by one of the best drone insurance companies. Combining safety and legal compliance for the best results.


    High End Filming

    At the Drone Army, we spare no expense by using the industry leading equipment for the highest resolution. Which means our filming produces unique and impactful content whatever the project.


    Cost Savings

    Our services result in lower operating costs and maintenance requirements compared to more manual approaches. This increased efficiency and reduced risk or errors is perfect for projects focused on savings with time and money.


    Solution Focused

    We are able to provide data with increased accuracy to facilitate better decision making with your project. Providing your data in a format that works best for you.



    Flexibility is one of our many strengths. Our team is 100% dedicated to the job, whether it be day or night, UK or internationally, you can be sure we will be there every step of the way.


    Optimal Customer Service

    We at the Drone Army realise that every project is unique, our team is committed to ensure every client receives a diligent service that is right for them and meets their specific needs. We love our work and so carry ourselves professionally, honestly and respectfully at all times.


    Stephen Dunn

    I have had the pleasure of working with the Drone army on a couple of occasions and have found the service to be first class. Nicole was amazing with her skills in finding the right positions and lighting to showcase my business and Sunny flying the drone was exciting to watch but the results were outstanding. I will be using The Drone Army in the future definitely, 5 stars doesn’t quite do this company justice!!!

    Rob Farrimond

    Absolute professionalism throughout my project, and couldn't be happier with the results!

    Daniela Lawler

    They are very professional and did exceptional work. Highly recommend.

    Soni Rai

    Just want to say a massive thank you to the drone army. We look forward to using these on future projects. iSmart Control used the guys to showcase a recent home automation system and they nailed what we were looking for. Not only did we love the work they carried out for us but the response from our client and others was truly amazing - thanks to the guys at the drone army. I look forward to the next one…

    Leanne Bennett 

    I have worked consistently with the owners of The Drone Army since 2018 for photography and now visuals for Music. The first component that influenced my decision to continue to work with the owners was their desires to ensure the client is heard and is happy with the final project. The second component was their ability to make you feel comfortable encouraging a smooth project from start to finish. The owners present impeccable communication and punctuation skills and go above and beyond to create a high standard project. The company offers a variety to meet all the customers needs. 10/10 Company, most certainly will use again.

    Daniel Brown  

     I have worked with Nicole and Sunny at The Drone Army on a number of projects and every time their work has been outstanding. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for any kind of photography / videography work.


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