Are You Licensed And Insured to Operate Drones?

We are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and insured by the leading UK drone insurance provider, Cover Drone. So, when we conduct drone operations, our clients can rest assured that everything is taken care of.

What Deposit Do You Require?

Currently, we do not require a deposit. Nonetheless, we kindly request that payment be made on the day of filming, if feasible.

What Is Your Pricing Structure For Drone Services?

Our pricing is based on either a full day or a half day, depending on our estimation of the project’s shooting duration. Additionally, a travel fee is applicable for locations beyond 10 miles from DY5.

How Far In Advance Do You Book Out?

For optimal planning, we recommend contacting us 4-6 weeks prior to your desired project shoot date. This allows us enough time to schedule your project and discuss any necessary arrangements beforehand.