Can You Fly A Drone Over Private Property?

First of all, do you know what a drone is? A drone is a type of unmanned aerial vehicle that is equipped with cameras, sensors and sometimes other equipment. Drones can be controlled remotely by a pilot on the ground or fly autonomously using pre-programmed instructions. 

They are used for a variety of purposes including aerial photography and videography that will be mapping, delivery of packages and conducting inspections. They can be used for a variety of reasons, in general a drone consists of a body or airframe that has rotors, batteries, and an electric controller.

Where You Can Fly Your Drone?

Did you know there are certain factors when it comes to flying a drone. You have to make sure you are obliged to these rules if you have a drone.

  1. Fly below 120m – you will need to make sure that you are flying below the legal height limit of 120m. This will reduce the risk of coming across other aircrafts which normally fly this height. If you have a drone you will need to be on the lookout and listen for any other aircrafts that may be flying below 120m such as police helicopters, air ambulances etc.
  1. Do Not Fly Closer To People Than 50m – this includes people in buildings/cars/trains/boats etc. You must keep a minimum horizontal distance of 50m between your drone or people. This creates a no fly zone around people that goes all the way up to the legal height limit.
  1. Never Fly Over People Who Are Crowded Together – you must be aware of your surroundings no matter what size drone or model aircraft you have. An example of places where people are often crowded together are shopping areas, sport events, music festivals and concerts etc.
  1. Keep Away From At Least 150m From Residential, Commercial and Industrial sites – 150m is the minimum distance, you need to be prepared to increase the distance if you need to do that to fly safely.
  1. Stay Away From Airports, Aircrafts, Space sports – most of these areas have a flight restriction zone. Never fly in this zone unless you have permission from the airport,airfield or spaceport, this zone is in place to avoid any collisions.


What Is An Operator ID?

Flying A Drone Over Private Property

There are certain rules when it comes to flying drones in the UK, you must adhere to the Civil Aviation Authority also known as the CAA laws. You can fly drones over private property in the UK however there are certain rules.

  • You need to have the owner’s consent 
  • Your drone has to be below 25kg. If your drone is over 25kg you should apply for authorisation from the CAA.
  • Not allowed to fly above 400 feet from the ground
  • You are allowed to fly above 50 meters from the property and people
  • Not allowed to cause interference to other UAS, hot air balloons, aircraft etc.
  • Your drone must be within your sight at all times



Drone Laws UK

We are pleased to inform that we possess a Civil Aviation Authority also known as (CAA) permission for the use of drone technology, which includes a non-standard permission allowing us to operate at a closer range than 99% of other approved operations within the UK. our licensed pilots are trained highly and very experienced, and they will arrive on location with the selected drone efficiently and effectively complete the mission at hand. However depending on the areas covered, the flight process typically takes around 60 minutes. Please note that the post production activities such as editing and processing of the content may take up to a week. Rest assured that we are always committed to delivering exceptional quality and professionalism in all aspects of our drone services.


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