Do You Need A License To Fly A Drone?

You must keep in mind that flying a drone is all fun and games; however, there are rules and regulations to them. Here is a short overview of drones and if you need a license to fly a drone.

A drone license can be applied to both commercial and recreational pilots. There are some situations where a license isn’t required. For example, if you are flying and the drone is far away from people.


Have You Registered For A Drone License?

Yes, you have to register before flying most drones outdoors in the UK.

There are two main requirements and you need to meet both:

  1. If you fly, you must pass the theory test to receive a flyer ID
  2. If you’re responsible for a drone you need to register for an operator ID

You may be able to get both at the same time.

What Is A Flyer ID?

A flyer ID is a theory test that you must take, which lets the public know that you are legally allowed to fly a drone safely. This flyer id will last five years, but before anything, you will need to pass the CAA theory test and you have to pass an online test.


What Is An Operator ID?

You may think that an operator ID and a flyer are the same however you are wrong. An operator ID is for somebody who is responsible for a drone/model aircraft and must register as an operator. Once you have registered you will receive an operator ID with your certificate of registration. You will need to display your operator ID on your drones. To register for an operator id drone you will need to be above the age of 18.

Is A Drone License Required?

In a short summary, no you don’t need a license, however, there will be legal responsibilities. Drone regulations vary depending on the type of drone you own and where you want to fly. For example, if your drone weighs over 250g and you want to fly outside, in the UK you are required by the law to take the CAA online theory test. This test makes sure that you know the rules and regulations regarding where to fly drones.

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